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Origin and development of basketball

An interesting story about the origin of basketball

2022-06-23 20:09Origin and development of basketball
Summary: A story about basketballThe story of Basketball - the story of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, "Los Angeles at 4 a.m.," is what Kobe calls himself. Since he entered the NBA, he has always insi
A story about basketball
The story of Basketball - the story of basketball superstar Kobe Bryant, "Los Angeles at 4 a.m.," is what Kobe calls himself. Since he entered the NBA, he has always insisted on getting up at four in the morning to practice. He has to throw a thousand goals every day before it is over. So when a reporter asked Kobe why he was so successfulA story about basketball
Since the joint school for black and white children has not been built yet, the five Michael sisters' main activities are sports. They play basketball, hold the ball, and sometimes compete in running and long jump. Of all the children's favorite sports, swimming is the only one that makes Michael afraidAsk for a little story about basketball
There is such a thing. In 1982, Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria were competing for the finals of the European basketball championship. When the game only won the last 8 seconds, the Bulgarian team led by 2 points and still held the ball. Generally speaking, this is a sure bet. But that tournament was a round robin systemWho invented basketball and how
Basketball was invented by Dr. James Naismith of the United States in 1891. In 1891, the young Naismith became a physical education teacher at the international YMCA Training College (now Springfield College) in Massachusetts in the northeast of the United StatesA composition about an interesting story that happened while playing basketball 300
As the saying goes: "life lies in sports." In this sunset shrouded evening, accompanied by a few clear calls of birds returning to their nests, they enjoy the last trace of residual temperature brought by the sun. I came to the basketball court with a relaxed pace, but I was secretly determined to fight with my father. The game began. I handled the ball skillfully and played in theThe historical origin of basketball
Naismith was asked to find a game that was fun and easy to learn and could kill students' boredom in winter indoor physical education. Naismith was inspired by the game called "duck-on-a-rock" in Canada in which some Canadian children threw balls into peach baskets. Naismith's basketball game was initially conceived on November 15What's more interesting in basketball? You know what
There was no limit on the number of people in the initial basketball game, and there was no standard for the rules. With the increasing number of basketball fans, basketball has begun to have basic rules and standards, which is the origin and development of basketball. In Xiaobian's impressionTheAn interesting story about the origin of basketball origin of basketball
At first it was called "basketball game". When playing the game, Dr. Naismith hung two bamboo baskets on the railings on both sides of the fitness side. The baskets were 10 feet from the ground, and the football was used as the ball for the game. Throw the ball into the opponent's basket and get 1 point. The game will be decided by the number of shotsThe origin of basketball should be brief
Basketball originated in the United States. On December 21, 1891, jamesnaismith, a physical education teacher of the YMCA Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts (now Springfield University, USA), invented and formulated 18 simple rules. Basketball entered the stage of confrontationA basketball story
Maybe IAn interesting story about the origin of basketball have a subtle feeling for basketball. It's not as crazy as the boys, because I can no longer gallop on the court with the boys madly, stand under the same basket and grab the ball with them, and score goals as expected. Therefore, today's love for basketball still exists
An interesting story about the origin of basketball

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